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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
ADHD which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be discerned in some children from a very young age that is before they even join school. Astonishing figures come to light, in the United States there approximately 2 million children affected with ADHD. These children find it difficult to have a control over their actions and concentrate on something properly. Behavioral experts say that although the task of rearing children suffering from ADHD is a daunting task in some aspects yet humane treatment from all sides can make it considerably easier. The suffering child should be treated with compassion and receive adequate counseling from guidance counselors and also the public education system should be receptive towards them. To be able to identify children suffering from ADHD one should look out for three basic kinds of symptoms which are hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsivity. However it doesn’t imply that any child having such symptoms is necessarily suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A thorough examination from a qualified physician can only determine the disease.
The treatment of various children suffering from ADHD varies depending upon the other complications or symptoms that the child shows. However, only your health care professional should be able to determine the course of treatment for your child. Of course the child and their family face a lot of behavior problems on account of the illness of the child. However, the child needs to be treated with patience as they cant help being impulsive and inattentive. Regular consultation with behavior therapists is advised. Also interaction with the community at large needs to be constantly present. Secluding the child will make them depressed and frustrated. With the help of the therapist the family is advised on altered behavior patterns for themselves as well as strategies to handle the mood swings of the child as well. Psychotherapy is also an option for the patients of ADHD as it helps them accept themselves in spite of the disorder. Behavioral Therapy is also an effective way of helping the child cope with the mood swings and a lot of other complications which come as a package of ADHD.
To be able to cope with the child’s disorder can be mentally taxing for the family and especially for the parents. To find a method of coping with this, it is advisable to follow a disciplined and scheduled method of life. Assigning a place for all things and also a time for various activities inside the home will give the child and you a sense of order insuring mental peace. The education needs of your child suffering from ADHD will be addressed under a program called Individualized Educational Program which will be conducted by a regular school and not any school for kids with special needs. Until sometime before schools refused to evaluate children with ADHD but now according to the law they can’t refuse to do the evaluation. Children who grow up with ADHD need to regularly consult a therapist to keep the mental commotion felt by them is under check. They find it difficult to live life in an organized fashion and it is always a bother to keep appointments etc. Yet, with professional counseling and family support and compassion, life becomes more tolerable and they can stay away from depression too. If children grow up with ADHD and don’t receive adequate care then they can grow depressed often leading to suicidal situations.

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