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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Event - Chennai Olympics

We are organizing a mega sports event “Chennai Olympics 2011” for children with Special Needs on March 12, 2011 at YMCA, Chennai. AIKYA is an organization dedicated to promoting Sports for Children with Intellectual Disabilities as one of the objectives and has organized similar events earlier and the guests have been prominent sports persons like Krishnamachari Srikanth and Mr.Vijay Amrith Raj.

AIKYA is dedicated to the educational needs of children and young adults with with Autism, ADHD, DS and Learning Disabilities. Lions Club of Padi Shenoy Nagar is a service organization well known in the city for their services for several decades. Chennai Olympics is jointly organized by AIKYA, L.C.Padi Shenoy Nagar and North Chennai District Parents Association.

Significance of Chennai Olympics ?

Chennai Olympics aims to empower children with special needs through Sports.

Sport and games give the opportunity and the necessary space to children with disabilities to find new ways of dealing with the challenges of daily life. In safe surroundings, mistakes do not carry any serious consequences. All innovative initiatives are appreciated and nobody needs to be afraid of sanctions. The trainers encourage learning from all experiences. Children’s self-esteem increases and they get more and more self-confident as they learn how to prepare a game, to adapt the rules to specific needs if necessary, to organise the team and to take over an individual role. During the game they concentrate on a specific goal, sense the team spirit and experience competition as a challenge and not as a threat.With growing self-esteem and self-confidence children with disabilities feel encouraged to try and find an active place in society.

Around 1000 children from various Institutions are participating in the Sports meet this time.These children will display their extraordinary determination and ability in Athletics and various team games.

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