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Thursday, September 22, 2011

AIKYA participates in Community of Practice(CoP) for Disabled

CIOSA organized a CoP for disabled on 22nd September, 2011. Thirteen activists participated in the discussion. Gopi of Nethrodhaya and Ms. Parvathy of AIKYA were among the participants.

Lack of database and details/statistics about disabled population was a hiccup. Further issues like asking for reservation etc depends on a well-maintained computerized database. A good e-governance system for disabled must be implemented.

There are 200 wards in Chennai(Tamilnadu).  An active community inside each ward will interact with the corporation to check if a disabled-friendly government school exists, and if a hospital exists to give medical certificates for disabled and more. So, a role-model ward for rehabilitation of disabled, one inside and one outside Chennai has to be created.

Many NGOs are not aware of the numerous central and state govt schemes that exist. So, they do not apply and get grants. Last year, Vidyakar of Udhavum Karangal was the only NGO from Chennai who got a major grant.

Disabled should be trained  in new fields like cellphone repair instead of sticking to just candle making etc.

DDRO office has only 6 employees instead of 17 employees. The budget for disabled group has been reduced from 237 crores to 166 crores. This reduction is due to lack of awareness and lack of manpower to implement good schemes.

A decision to meet the commissioner has been made. Prior to meeting the commissioner an awareness platform with advertisements in Thinathanthi, Suryan FM , and a NGO meet will happen.

A Guide for Disbaled - Schemes and Office Addresses

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