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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Advithiya Awards Function - Event Highlights

AIKYA honored 30 special people with Advithiya awards. Advithiya means 'Second to None.' Ofcourse, the special people who are educated and employed are second to none.


"A great mind imprisoned in a disobedient body"  - One of the speakers highlighted how Stephen Hawking, a great physicist has achieved inspite of a neuro-motor and speech disorder.  A poor mother in Tirunelveli has four children with special needs. Even though neighbors gave her tips to get rid of the children, the brave mother is helping her children grow well. There are many special schools in Chennai, but rural areas lack such schools.

One of the speakers said that HR managers in MNCs discourage people with special needs and colleagues tease the special people. Sometimes, the eager employees stop going to work after few days. Proprietors tell that they cannot control the behaviour of all their staff. Sometimes, house owners do not let out houses for rent to a family with a special child.

IAS Kannegi Packianathan 
When Chief Guest and IAS Kannegi Packianathan spoke, she recalled how Ms. Parvathy always meets her to discuss about special people. Ms. Kannegi asked the parents of special children to voice their concerns. This confession will help the government in formulating policies that reflect real-world issues. The government has been appointing 'Care Givers' who can take care of disabled people in a home.

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