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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AIKYA Opens Social Responsibility Cell (SRC)

The Social Responsibility Cell(SRC) was inaugurated at AIKYA on 11th Jan, 2012. SRC inculcates the spirit of giving and sharing amongst school kids through a range of activities. SRC is an initiative of Serve India of Team Everest.

Prema of Team Everest asked the children of AIKYA the meaning of the word Help. She then enquired how they helped their parents and grandparents at home. She asked if they shared their pencil and pen with their neighbours in class. In a lighter vein she asked if they stole anything from their classmates and if that was a help too. Ms. Parvathy, Director of AIKYA, wondered if the children can help their parents if they just kept quiet and did their work!

Later, Sukumaran a volunteer of Team Everest from CTS spoke to the kids about volunteering atleast once a month (12/365). The children were very happy to get badges for their various roles in SRC - Class Pilot, Student Secretary, and Student Head.

To view event pics, click here.

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