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Saturday, January 7, 2012

AIKYA's Product Brochure

The food and products division of AIKYA makes a lot of products such as gift cards, areca plates, jewellery, and more. The products are made by young adults with special needs. If you buy a product made by AIKYA you will help us to help a special child. You will also make a differently-abled person independant and confident and makes him/her feel they are contributing to society.

Click here to view AIKYA's product brochure. 

Here is an interesting summary of how AIKYA makes Areca Plates:

AIKYA takes great care to make quality products. The raw materials for the Areca plates are bought from Coimbatore. The raw materials are soaked and dried.

The dried materials are then fed to areca plate making machines. AIKYA has four machines that can make plates in the sizes of 6,8,10, and 12 inches.

A person with special needs who has good physical styrength then presses a pulley/weight with his/her leg. This action cuts the plates into shape. Care should be taken to make maximum plates out of a sheath of raw material.  

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