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Thursday, April 11, 2013

AIKYA Kids Enjoy a Reading Session


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Autism Workshop at NEYAM - AIKYA's 2nd Special School

A workshop on Autism was conducted at the NEYAM centre located at St. Thomas Mount. Ms. Parvathy Viswanath, a doctor, and occupational therapist spoke with the parents of children with Autism. 

Ms. Parvathy said that instead of going for costly toys such as lego, we can use Bengal Gram or Chenna that is at home. In the same way, instead of using clay, we can always use wheat flour and ask the kids to make a dough.

Simple things used to build Shapes
She also said that there are lot of people with Autism who have extraordinary skills in one field such as singing or drawing. But, we cannot expect all children with Autism to have such great skills. We need to be practical and accept few limitations. 

For more event photos, click here.

Parents speaking with the Doctor

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd 2013

The Autism Awareness Day organized by Ms. Parvathy Viswanath, Founder of AIKYA Foundation and the Lions clubs, went on well at Valiammal Matriculation School in Annanagr. Director Vasanth was the Special Guest. DG Ln S.P. Baskaran inaugurated, VDG Ln Venkatraman released the Autism booklet. The children had made beautiful placards about Autism. They also wore blue ribbon bows in their hands to remeber Autism. And the children formed a beautiful human chain in the road which attracted the attention of public.

Parvathy Viswanath with Director Vasanth and his daughter

Human Chain by Kids


AIKYA Founder Wins International Award

Lion. Parvathy Viswanath, founder of AIKYA, has won an international award for "Community Leadership" from Canada. She was unanimously selected for the award, which she received in person. Congrats ma'm. The award is a recognition for all people in India who work for special children. 

On World Autism Awareness Day, that falls on April 2nd, let us wear Blue and remember the foot soldiers who work for children with special needs. May God give them the courage and energy to continue their good work.
Parvathy Viswanath receives the award from Director Vasanth