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Release of book on ADHD authored by Ms.Parvathy Viswanath :

By Dr. A.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India on September 4th 2006

Author : Ms.Parvathy Viswanath,
Founder Director – AIKYA Special School

ADHD a disorder that is being found to be increasingly afflicting young children and school students in our country theses days. According to stastistics available, 3 to 5% of the school going children in the USA have this disorder. In our country no reliable figures are available but professionals in this country are observing and treating mounting cases of ADHD. There is very little awareness in India about ADHD, and there is an acute need for information about the condition and the services available not only to the parents of those afflicted with ADHD, but even to mainstream school teachers.

Understanding the importantance and the need Mrs. Parvathy Viswanath has taken efforts to bring out a book on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Why this book?

“Imagine, for a moment, that you are a parent of a child with no visible disability, but whose experiences of everyday life present constant challenges”

What may be typical activities for most people-eating, dressing, making friends, taking a spelling test, responding to a hug - are a struggle, often resulting in social, emotional, and academic problems.

Every year, 17 million new cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorderis diagnosed in children globally. About 3 – 5 % of school going children are affected by ADHD Medications are not the solutions and this often leave families confused, frustrated and searching for more options.

The author in this book, describes the disorder and its three major subtypes, provides insight into assessment and diagnosis, and suggests treatment options and strategies, including the importance of occupational therapy, alternate interventions, behaviour modifications and parental involvement. The book illustrates the different ways in which the disorder may manifest itself as well as how families cope, while offering hope and advice to parents on how to be the best possible advocates for their children.

In this book , Parvathy Viswanath draws upon her eighteen years of experience as a special educator to show teachers / parents how they can reclaim their central role in healing their students / children with comprehensive step-by-step advice on dealing with the problems of ADHD. The book deals with the educational, psychological treatments that can increase brain function.

An inspiring and essential guide, this book will help every teacher and families facing the challenges of ADHD create a more loving, healthy environment necessary for their child to thrive.

About Parvathy Viswanath

A qualified Special Educator with more than 2decades of experience in the field of Special Education. She has trained several hundreds of mothers and babies (0-3 years) with developmental disabilities. She has worked with students ( with Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome and Learning Disabilities )of age 3 - 18 years teaching functional Academics and Vocational skills, established a sheltered workshops for them successfully.She has presented papers at National and International Seminars, published books. She herself has organised workshops and seminars for the benefit of teachers, parents and volunteers. She has organised several awareness programmes and mega events for the benefit of people with disabilitiesas well.

She has founded AIKYA at Chennai.. She has founded several special schools in India and abroad. Mrs.Parvathy also holds important positions in various organizations.