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Monday, September 12, 2011

AIKYA participates in Community of Practice(CoP) for Children

AIKYA participated in the CoP for children organized by CIOSA. Representatives of Five NGOs including AID India and Jeeva Jyothi were present.

The members wanted separate list of homes/orphanages and activity-project-based children NGOs from CIOSA. Homes needed a constant source of funds as they had permanent residents who had to be fed and educated.Other NGOs just worked on a project-to-project basis.

It is very difficult to find and sustain employees of NGOs. CIOSA plans to start a union for these unorganized sector of NGO workers.

Prasanna of CIOSA told that Sep-Dec was a season of events, exhibitions, and festivals in Chennai. So, you can approach event organizers to share say 5% of their earnings with a NGO. It was part of PR initiative of many event organizers. Musician Harris Jayaraj has such a pact with Ekam foundation.

AIKYA offered to conduct screenings at schools for learning disabilities and also early intervention.

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