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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eight Kids at AIKYA listened to King Cobra Story

Eight kids at AIKYA were eager to listen to the adventures of Kaala, the King Cobra. Storyteller Anitha told the story. As the kids were very young, a recollection of facts was helpful.

So, the kids repeated after the storyteller:
  • The King Cobra is 15 feet long
  • King Cobra does not have ears and eyelids.
  • King Cobra uses smell and its tongue to catch food.
  • The King Cobra does not eat food daily.
  • The King Cobra hatches from eggs.
And so on.... The kids had a look at the colorful picture book. They also created a forest  using crayons and sketch pens. The kids drew a tree, river, a King Cobra, and birds. Finally, they mimicked a snake dance pose. It would have been nice to have a real snake charmer around. Alas, you don't find one in streets these days.

Kids drawing a forest with King Cobra

Having a look at the picture book

Trying a King Cobra pose

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