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Sunday, February 6, 2011


 Many of us have felt the magic of yoga.,the powers of yoga and I personally have learnt and practice Yoga..Knowing the benefits of Yoga, I tried to use Yoga as therapy to my special kids at AIKYA for whom I have dedicated my life.We were quite successful in teaching them the asanas.The benefits were huge. Our experiences over the last 19 years teaching yoga to special kids has been extremely rewarding.

Students of AIKYA perform a series of balanced Yoga after training in Yoga and it is unbelivable to watch the most hyperactive kids performing difficult asanas with ease at stage.

Many of the students with special needs have one or many sensory deficits. They have difficulty integrating the information from their eyes, ears, hands, and body. They may not move easily and appear clumsy. Most learning problems are the result of poor sensory integration of all these systems. Each child demonstrates a different set of symptoms. Their nervous system is working an irregular way and they tend to have disorganized response to their environment. We have integrated yoga into the sessions of children with various diagnoses with positive results. Anyone can maximize his or her potential from consistent practice of yoga and these children are no exception. Yoga calms the physical body and once that occurs, the mind can quiet. Gradually, a child becomes more organized and focused. Yoga enhances flexibility has a positive effect on gross, fine, visual motor conditions. It also promotes strength and self-esteem and encourages a gentle spirit.


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