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Thursday, November 17, 2011

ADVITHIYA - A Function to Honor 40 Achievers with Special Needs

AIKYA will honor achievers with Special needs on 23rd November at Tattvaloka Hall in Chennai.  Ms. Kannegi Packianathan, IAS, Secretary for Dept of Welfare for Differently Abled will be the Chief Guest. People with special needs such as Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, LD  and Cerebral Palsy have a social stigma attached to them.  Society and employers always have a doubt about how the special people will perform in a job.

AIKYA plans to honor around 40+ people with special needs who are graduates and/ or work in a steady job. These are people who have made a mark in society against all odds.  The government now gives 3% reservation to disabled people.  PWD  who get benefits are hearing impaired, visually impaired, and persons with orthopedic impairment. Through this event, AIKYA plans to request the government to give a 1% reservation to the four categories of disabilities namely AUTISM, MR,CP and Multiple Disabilities  recognized by National Trust ( a wing of Social justice and Empowerment) .

There are many advantages of employing people with Special Needs:
  • ·         Low employee turnover – Loyal employees
  • ·         Manpower willing to do repetitive work without getting bored
  • ·         Honest, Sincere, Hard working, and Reliable employees
  • ·         Customers would love your Social responsibility.
  • ·         Government recognizes your Goodwill  with certain benefits.
AIKYA also runs a work centre that trains young adults in making products such as garlands, towels,  fancy jewels, incense sticks, areca leaf plates, xeroxing, lamination, computer skills and more.  The trainees learn filing and skills reqd for an office assistant. Soft skills like communication, socialization, and grooming skills  are also taught. Prospective employers can source trained manpower from AIKYA’s work centre too. Look forward to see you all at the function that starts at 5:30 pm.

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