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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Annual Day Celebration on 11/11/11 - A Recap of Bliss

The Annual Day and 20-year-service celebrations of AIKYA went on very well. Kids of AIKYA danced with karagam on their heads, guitars in their waist, and colorful cloth in hand. They recited numbers 1-10 with different props like water bottles, caps, and flowers. They sang songs. And also did a fancy dress competition and dressed themselves as carrots, cows, and more.

Singer Sudha Raghunathan was the chief guest. When she spoke, she asked the audience to give a standing ovation to the founder and teachers of AIKYA. She sang the Bharathiyaar song "Chinanj Chiru Kiliye Kannamma" and became emotional in the end. She also gave chocolates to AIKYA kids. She promised to do a charity show for AIKYA also.

AIKYA founder Ms. Parvathy told that the growth of special children and their parents is the growth of AIKYA. Anitha presented a summary of 20 years of AIKYA's contribution to society. Sudha Raghunathan gave prizes to all the kids. The parents were very jubilant and took photos and videos as their kids performed.

Two parents and one grandparent spoke about AIKYA. They told how they had changed their kids to 3 or 4 special schools before they came to AIKYA. After their kids joined AIKYA, they showed a good improvement in social skills, arithmetic, and were eager to go to school. So, 11/11/11 became really special for everyone at AIKYA.

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